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Ridden Animals at Tyngwndwn Stud over the Years


Nebo Julie Ann

Photos Courtesy of RTI and The Event Photographer


Tyngwndwn Moonlady

Photo Courtesy of The Event Photographer


Tyngwndwn Moonlady and Nebo Julie Ann

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Reynolds


Felinmor Triple Crown

Owned by K & L Spenser


Coelenhage’s Jarno

Owned by G & L Scott


Tiavoric Legacy


Tyngwndwn Lion King


Nebo Rebeca

Owned by the Nebo Stud


Shamrocklake Lord Caernarfon

Owned by H. Leewenhaug


Rhydspence Rhys

Photo Courtesy of Pleasure Prints


Gweundir Dafydd


Pica Primrose

Pica Primrose and Ceulan Swyn


Ordiwedd Jess